All about Kathryn & Me

Kathryn & Me products are handmade by Auckland-based mum-of-three, Katie Sharples.  

Katie's bespoke designs are robust, durable and easy-to-use. They're also super stylish - a fact you'll appreciate even while changing a nappy or digging around for a pad or toothbrush. 

Katie has carefully chosen fabric and materials that will withstand regular use - and regular washing. And to make it even better, the materials are locally-sourced.

After years of sewing nappy wallets and toilet bags for friends - and years of rave reviews about how handy they are - Katie's famous gifts are now available for purchase.

Katie is available to create made-to-order products not currently featured on this website.  If you're after a laptop bag, a dog bandana, a Plunket book cover - or something else of your liking - flick Katie your request at and she'll be in touch to discuss what's possible.