GREY FLORAL dribble bib
GREY FLORAL dribble bib

GREY FLORAL dribble bib

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A great baby shower gift - grab two or three different designs for a unique set.

This bib is perfect for teething babies, dribbly babies, spilly babies and babies learning to drink from a cup.  So easy to pop on before a feed to protect clothes or left on all day as a funky accessory for the more fashion-conscious bub ;)  

Featuring 2 durable KAM snaps for an adjustable fit, our Kathryn & Me dribble bib is designed to fit baby from approximately 3 months to 2 years.  Made using a 100% cotton print as top layer, an absorbent bamboo fleece as mid layer, and a super soft PUL fabric on the bottom - making this bib completely waterproof.  No more wet clothes, no more grumpy bub!

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